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Is your business sponsoring a women's car care clinic?

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Understanding Your Car 101

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Lip Service
First Class Telephone Skills

These companies have benefited from Margie's ability to tailor telephone skills training to their specific needs.  Click on automotive and parts for a sample course outline.

State Farm
Frontier Airlines
Dish Network (Echostar)
Aveda Spas and Salons

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Selling from the
Inside Out

What if after talking to a complete stranger for five minutes you were able to determine what their driving force is? Would this power with people help you in hiring, selecting leaders and interpersonal relationships with co-workers?

Each of us has a particular behavioral pattern - a distinct way of thinking, feeling and acting. Few of us, however, understand the power of our behavioral style and how it interacts or conflicts with others. Participants will complete an electronic (on-line) profile or a Profile Preview© to get a whole new switched-on awareness of themselves and others. A DVD of the four personality styles speaking directly to the participants as to their needs and expectations plus a 45 minute humorous overview of the four styles enhances the learning.


  • Work together more effectively, understand themselves and others
  • Capitalize on their strengths
  • Identify what triggers stress in themselves and others
  • Increase their appreciation of different work styles
  • Anticipate and minimize potential conflicts with others
  • Avoid unthinkingly triggering fears and anger in co-workers & customers
  • Interact more confidently with
    co-workers and customers
  • Be a more effective manager

  • Team building
  • Boost positive communication
    co-workers and customers
  • Expand knowledge of different behavioral styles and ways to identify their needs and expectations
  • Learn powerful people reading skills your people can use their whole life long
  • Create a healthy work environment and improve co-worker attitude and tolerance of others

This program includes a 45 minute fast-paced humorous overview of each of the style strengths, weaknesses and fears and how we can better communicate with each other based on these tendencies.

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Winning Women Customers

With fifty-one percent of our population being female, you are also aware that the majority of your customers are women. What do women customers want? Are you cashing in on their loyalty, unending referrals and wealth? What specifically are you doing to gain their trust? This class will show you exactly what to do to increase your share of this often overlooked market.


  • How female savvy they really are
  • That women are not just buying groceries and clothing but also big ticket “guy” things
  • The influence of mothers in the workforce and what women buy. Truth in numbers
  • How much of the conversation should be directed to the woman when addressing a couple
  • About a new breed of woman consumer who is, in all likelihood, out-earning her spouse
  • Why it no longer fits to say, “Do you need to check with your husband?”
  • To rid ourselves of the image of men carrying the cash and that spending stops at age 55
  • That women refer from their circle of influence twice as many prospects as men do
  • To identify thirteen adjectives/phrases women use to describe how salesmen talk down to them
  • From a poor sales example, better words to use when selling to women (an activity)
  • Sixteen tips for Winning Women Customers: From point of contact to post sale
  • That by simply meeting the needs of a woman, they will automatically exceed the expectations of a man
  • To “Sweat the Details” of a “clean and comfortable” environment. An itemized checklist. (an activity)
  • How to connect and educate women through the “Takeaway Bag” and by conducting a “Women's Car Care Clinic”
  • How to increase their share of the largest market segment-women


Participants will have an increased awareness of how to better communicate with women customers as well as how to create a more comfortable buying experience resulting in more referrals, loyalty and increased profits.


Those who sell products or services to women.


Three hours—please add fifteen minutes for breaks


Margie Seyfer has been conducting specialized training in the automotive aftermarket since 1994. Women trends is one of America's hottest new topics and one that has lacked training in predominantly male dominated industries where customers are primarily women.

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