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by Margie Seyfer
26 insights for energizing your life
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Excerpt from book FROM ATTITUDE TO ZEAL

Good Morning To Me!
Do you go out of your way to greet people or do you wait for others to acknowledge you? Do you pretend you are the host/hostess every time you go to a gathering? Do you occasionally not respond when someone greets you?

This story was shared by a participant in one of my  programs:

Fannie Adams previously worked at one of Denver's largest accounting firms. There were five floors of accountants. The penthouse suite housed the accountants with the most prestigious clients. The employees on the four floors below referred to them as the“stiff shirts.” Fannie was promoted to be support staff to the “stiff shirts”. On Monday morning she entered the 40 story building and made her way to the penthouse express elevator that would whisk her to her new position. As she approached the elevator she realized that on it were five stiff shirts. She greeted them with “Good morning!” Not one of them responded to her. In fact, they parted the way so she could stand at the back of the elevator. All of a sudden she was dreading her new assignment and knew she needed to set the record straight.  In her best voice she sang “Good morning to me. Good morning to me.  Good morning. Good morning.  Good morning to me.” The five accountants all turned with slack jaws and stared at her. All apologized profusely. 
Fannie said the payoff was that never a day after that went by that whenever she met any one of those five men, they went out of their way to acknowledge her. Fanny could have copped a negative attitude about her new position. She could have been silent and intimidated by these men but instead she knew she needed to set the record straight and announce her positive attitude. She not only announced it. She sang it. 

LESSON:  Don’t let others have control over your positive attitude. Sing it! Shout it! Spread it!

NOTE: This story is an excerpt from the book and is included in the keynote address.


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EPIC-Electronic Profile - $30.00
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